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Cherry Creek Mortgage

Marlin Inspections


Buying A Home

Buying a home, is part of anyone's American dream. It's one of the biggest decisions for many people. With help from Realty VIP Connections professionals, you save time and efforts, easily to find good real properties and peace of mind!

First-Time Home Buyer Tax Credit

The U.S. Senate and House passed legislation that included an extension and expansion of the tax credit for homebuyers. President Obama signed the bill into law at the end of the week.The $8,000 first-time homebuyer tax credit will continue until April 30, 2010, and the income limits have been increased to $125,000 for single filers and $225,000 for join filers.

Additionally, current homeowners who have lived in their home for five of the previous eight years are eligible for a $6,500 tax credit.There is a purchase price limit of $800,000 for the home, and it must be maintained as the purchaser’s primary residence for three years or the tax credit will be due back to the IRS.

Unlike the current tax credit program, the extended program allows any purchaser who has a binding contract in place by April 30, 2010 to close by June 30, 2010 and still qualify.

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Home Buying Tips

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